Corrin & Jesse | Married | A Cedar Post Barn Wedding in Albany, Louisiana

We were so honored to be a part of Corrin and Jesse’s wedding day.  From the moment I met Corrin and listened to her speak of Jesse I knew this day would be filled with so much love and adoration.  The weather was perfect and the venue looked beautiful. From the gorgeous flowers to praline cheesecake hand pies, everything was amazing!  Thank you Corrin and Jesse for choosing us to be a part of your special day.  We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

From the Bride…

Jesse and I met where we both currently work, Paragon Casino. He’s a Medic/Security Officer so he’s always on the casino floor or at a security podium. I went to get some coffee at Starbucks in the hotel and he happened to be at the nearby podium. We had been admiring each other for a couple weeks at this point. So, after I got my latte and was headed back past the podium he was at, I decided to introduce myself…I walked up to him and said “Hi, I’m Corrin,” and awkwardly shook his hand (I kicked myself for that, it felt so lame). He said, “I’m Jesse.” We talked for a minute and then I said “Well, I’ll see you around,” and he said “Yep, yep.” I was so sure he didn’t like me and that I had just made a fool of myself. According to him though, after I walked away, he just started laughing hysterically and happy dancing. A couple days later I saw him like 5 times in one day and he asked me on a date for later in the week.

Our first date was perfect. Jesse took to me to a wonderful restaurant called Spirits. The food was delicious (although I didn’t eat a whole lot because I was nervous). After we ate, we went to walk by the river for a little while. We talked and laughed and it was relaxed and romantic. When he dropped me off, I knew I wanted to kiss him goodnight so I did. It was short but sweet. I said “That’s all you get,” and he smiled and said, “I’ll take it.” He told me he happy danced back to his car after that.

I knew Jesse was my soulmate the first time I talked to him.

Jesse officially proposed on my birthday, although we were basically engaged already. He recreated our first date, we ate at Spirits and then went to walk by the river. In the middle of our walk, he started to slow down and he described the things he loved about me and how he knew I was the one from the beginning. He then got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and said “Belle, will you be my wife?” (He calls me Belle, not Corrin). I immediately said yes and hugged him tight and he slipped the ring on my finger.

We love to watch our favorite shows, watch movies, sit outside on our patio, browse bookstores, and travel.

We have a Catahoula mix named Loki.

We both work at Paragon Casino. I’m a Graphic Designer and he a Medic/Security Officer.

I love how much of a gentleman he is, he knows that women deserve to have doors held for them out of respect, if a woman doesn’t have a place to sit, he offers his seat out of respect. I love how compassionate he is. I love how silly he is, how he makes himself laugh, I love when he dances in the kitchen and I love when he cooks for me after a long day of work. I love how he works hard to make everyday special.

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